Playtime !. Working on monotypes on my Gelli plate..very relaxing See my blog for more

An experimental piece, collage finished with pastel/. Not sure about this yet. 

"The Edge of the Woods" Another mixed media painting in the series of woodland and hedgerow paintings. An impression of early spring in East Devon. A strange spring this year where many of the flowers were still unexpectedly  flowering together. Only a little collage in this one. mainly acrylic on canvas board

"Time is a Storm in Which we Are all Lost. An experimental piece. Collage and mixed media on canvas board. I think it is finished

"Snowdrop Woods" Another collage of the snowdrop woods, this one is just 10x7in I am very happy with this one which is now in a lovely white frame ( see below)

"Woodland Snowdrops",  Inspired by the woodlands around Blackbury Camp. Collage and paint on canvas, 20x20cm

"Dumpdon Hill-Winter" Collage, acrylic and pen on canvas board, 14x11in

"Pink Flower", collage of paper and beads on a small box canvas, an experimental piece using my own printed papers . I intend to produce a few larger ones like this..

"Tulips" an experimental piece using my printed papers and pen on a box canvas