Portfolios of photography and art

Portfolio images, flowers and still life by Norma Walton


  • Art
    Mixed media and textile work
  • Art Dolls
    Textile art dolls and small flower faeries
  • Digital Photographic Art
     Art based on photographic images
  • Vanitas
  • A body of photographic work on a traditional theme; illustrating the impermanence of youth and beauty
  • Captive
    Photographic work using flowers as metaphor ; a comment on the way we allow ourselves to be held captive, by society, love, family
  • Ageless
    Digital images taken without a camera  (scanograms) using decaying or faded blooms as a comment on the ageing process
  • Sweet Decay
    Photographs and scanograms again, using flowers to illustrate the beauty to be found in decay
  • Alchemy
    Photographic work and other, a work in process. The magic and beauty of decay
  • Older photographic work