The Darkroom & Other Digital Work

Calla, monochrome silver gelatine print, close up of a single Calla flower white on black background


This image of a Calla is one of my favourites and was taken  while I was working as a professional photographer . The film was developed and printed for an exhibition at the AOP by Metro

Single white Arum lily on a stem with leaves, silver gelatine print, white on a toned black




Arum Lily

This is another of my favourites from when I was lucky enough to own my on darkroom. A silver gelatine print , sepia toned.

Regal Lillies, silver gelatine print of horizontally place regal lilies, white on black ground


Regal Lillies 


A couple more from the darkroom. I printed this image and the one below on a lovely matt paper which gives a beautiful velvety finish. 



Lisianthus flowers, monochrome silver gelatine print, white on white ground, blue toned





The original lisianthus negative was printed as usual and put in a blue toner.


I have managed to reproduce this image as a digital print on matt art paper with lovely delicate tones


This monochrome print of tulips has been scanned and re coloured in Photoshop









Traditional black & white photographic prints




Lith print on heavy weight paper, subsequently put in a Selenium toner

Fibre based paper with blue and sepia tone